(⌣́˛⌣̀) Close ur eyes.. Feel my. (⌣́˛⌣̀)

Do you know who
Who's keeping an eye on you only
Everywhere you go
But you're the one who
Given energy to my heart
I keep it for long.
If i could be near you
I'll let you to know my feelings
Look me in the eyes
To see something inside..
You'll understand the meaning..

Do you see someone inside my eyes?
Do you see yourself inside them?
Can you understand me?
See what I'm thinking?

I've seen you for a long time, you know ?
Never looked at anybody else
I wish our can meet once again
One more time

If only you look at me
And tell me what are you thinking
Someday you'll walk with me
Just you and me
Just you understand me ! 



  1. Thankz... :P

  2. For wachg me... N evry step i take...

  3. Every time i closed my eyes, i see u dear...